• ARMOR 

    Mechanical Feature: High-strength translucent panel

    Steel plate matching: Matched with normal Al-Zn alloy and SMPPVDFKYANR500 coated steel sheet

    Resin Components: Improved ageing-resistant SMR199 resin

    Fiber Reinforcing: Alkali-free roving glass fiber

    Surface Treatment: covered by 80μm MorplatedTM self-cleaning F-Class gel-coat

    Reinforcing Tensile Strength: vertical tensile reinforced fibers on inner surface

    Glass Fiber: Not less than 28%

    Unit Weight: 1800g/m2, 2400 g/m2, 3050 g/m2

    Standard thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm (with tolerance ≤10%)

    Recommended Service Temperature: -60 to +130

    Light Transmission: 1.5mm: 72%±2% (green-waterlight blue or fog-white), 52%±2% (milky white)

    UV Resistance: 99%

    Tensile Strength: 100Mpa

    Flexural Strength: 180Mpa

    Breaking Expansion Ratio: 1.9%

    Thermal Co-efficient: 2.5~3.2×10-5/K

    Warranty: 25 years