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As the one of the members of the compiler of National Standards and National Building Standards Design Atlas, MORE V corporation has long focused on the research and development, production and application of FRP panels, and is a manufacturer of integrated lighting, smoke exhaust, ventilation and anti-corrosion systems.

MORE V FRP skypanel

FRP skypanels are mainly used for natural lighting of buildings’ envelope system. By unsaturated resin, glass fiber and surface treatment (gelcoat, film) and other components of high temperature curing. MORE V FRP skypanels have high strength, toughness and high weather resistance. Due to its excellent and stable quality, MORE V FRP skypanels are widely used in industrial buildings.

MORLITE Smoke Skylight

MORLITE Seamless Daylighting and smoke Exhaust intelligent skylight system is developed for a variety of building envelope systems, with excellent functions. Common forms are: flat, triangle, round arch side open and top open and so on. MORLITE Has systemically passed CCC national mandatory certification.

R-CHEM Anti-Corrosion Panel

R-CHEM anti-Corrosion panel is a special fiber reinforced composite developed specifically for building enclosures and partition systems. It is specially designed to resist moisture, acid, alkali, ammonia, salt, high temperature, solvents and microbial sites.

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