As the one of the members of the compiler of National Standards and National Building Standards Design Atlas, MORE V corporation has long focused on the research and development, production and application of FRP panels, and is a manufacturer of integrated lighting, smoke exhaust, ventilation and anti-corrosion systems.

MORE V corporation has two production bases in Suzhou and Hebei, as well as six technologically automated flexible modular production lines, three of which are wide panel production lines (up to 3 meters wide).

The company’s products, not only to meet the needs of the domestic market but also to export to Europe, Southeast Asia, and America. the products have covered the fields of lighting, smoke exhaust, ventilation, and anti-corrosion. They are widely used in various industrial buildings.

MORE V corporation has obtained the FM approvals Certificate, ISO9001 Certificate system and ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate.

Suzhou Plant and Hebei Plant

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" More VTM "和"多凯® ”是上海多凯复合材料有限公司机密技术工艺和连续机组生产线所生产的FRP板材的注册商标、美国FM认证产品。MORE V 多凯是国家高新技术企业,国家建筑标准设计图集参编单位。一直以来,MORE V多凯公司致力于国内外FRP板材的研发、制造、应用和服务工作,是目前国内FRP板材行业内的知名企业,设有上海总部、华东(苏州工厂)、华北(河北邯郸)两大生产基地,同时拥有三条目前国内最先进,自动化程度最高的窄幅板材生产线(1.5米),及两条目前亚洲地区最大、最先进的宽幅板材生产线(最宽达3米),生产工艺在国内外首屈一指。

作为中国复合材料工业协会的理事单位,多凯公司拥有强大的科研力量,从而确保多凯产品及新工艺、新产品能一直领先于国内同行业,不仅满足了国内市场的需求,还大量出口到欧洲、东南亚及美洲。凭借优质的产品质量和扎实可靠的技术实力,MORE V多凯的产品群已覆盖FRP采光板、FRP防腐板材及消防联动电动排烟天窗这三大领域。并成熟地应用于各类轻钢结构建筑。客户群包括有:BUTLER巴特勒、ABC美建、USAS美联、BESTEEL钢之杰、GMS通用钢构、BSCC宝钢建总、杭萧、精工、东南、士兴、多维、北方空间、华胤、首钢、各大冶建公司等。